1. E-commerce contacts and Shopping on line

Internet Customer Support:  (+39) 339 1551473 (Mon: 15:30 – 19:30 – Tue. Fri. 10:00 – 18:00) - customercare@eldamode.com
Returns:  customercare@eldamode.com
Sales Office:  buyer@eldamode.com
Purchasing office: buyer@eldamode.com

Company Name: Elda Mode Srl
Registered Office: Via Alcide De Gasperi, 95 – 52100 Arezzo - Italia
Tax ID and VAT number: 02220610519

As an authorized reseller of all the brands of the website, www.eldamode.com guarantees that all the items are authentic.
eldamode.com is not responsible if the colours of products seen on the site look slightly different from the original because of the particular configuration or malfunction of the computer used by the Customer.
Images and descriptions of each product are available online, as well as a size chart to help in choosing the correct size.
For more information, or to request additional measurements for a specific size, eldamode.comoffers the a  service that can be accessed by clicking on ‘+ INFO?’ on the product description page.

2. Prices and Currency

The prices published on the website, the payments and the invoices of the orders are in euro (€).
All inclusive price.
 If the item/s cannot be delivered due to lack of cooperation on the customer's and/or end receiver's part (no one at the address, wrong or incomplete address, wrong or incomplete telephone number, wrong or incomplete e-mail address provided or any other cause which does not depend on eldamode.com both the return and shipment costs will be charged.  These fees will be deducted from the final refund.

3. Promotional codes and Sales

Promotional codes
Customers who subscribe to the eldamode.com newsletter, will receive updates about promotions and sales.  Subscribing to the eldamode.comnewsletter you will receive the promotional codes that can be added to the shopping cart during the purchase procedure. Each code has a starting and ending date, and the validity time cannot be extended in any way. The promotional codes can be used together with coupons and vouchers released in case of open credits.
The sales dates are decided by administrative measures or by Law. During the sales period if the right of withdrawal is applied the product must be returned; the item purchased is exchanged with another item  with the same price or with a higher price; a partial and/or total refund is not applicable; as an alternative it is possible to require for a voucher whose amount equals the price of the item returned.
The returns policy is limited to one return, within 10 days from the date of the delivery of the order to the customer.

4. Payment Methods

eldamode.com accepts the following payment methods:

Bank Transfers

 If you choose to pay through Bank Transfer, when you complete the order a confirmation e-mail will be automatically send to your account. The message will include the bank details of eldamode.com; the items are stored until payment is receved.
The client shall send a copy of the payment through fax or e-mail within 48 hours of receipt of the order confirmation.
 If eldamode.com  does not receive a copy of the payment receipt within 48 hours, the order will be cancelled.
The item/s will be shipped as soon as the bank transfer is received and as soon as the items are available in our storehouse.

PayPal Payment

By choosing the PayPal payment method, the client can pay directly through his/her PayPal account.
eldamode.com   reserves the right to process the orders only if shipped to the same address as that registered on the verified PayPal account.

Pay by Cash on Delivery

This payment method allows you to pay by cash to the courier upon delivery of the items ordered. According to the Italian Law the payment by cash cannot exceed the amount of € 999.00 (nine hundred and ninety-nine/00 euro).
To use the payment method the order must contain a landline phone number to which the client, or his/her family member, should receive and answer a call to accept the delivery, formally committing to pay the whole amount of the order to the courier upon delivery of the item/s.
The package will contain not only the ordered articles but also the accompanying receipted invoice.
If the client, or his/her family member does not answer the landline phone number provided or if she/he does not accept the delivery, for any reasons, the order will be cancelled and the client will be cancelled from the portal.
In case of return will be charged the cost of 10 euros.
Those who choose this payment method unconditionally accept all the above mentioned rules  and agrees to comply with them.

eldamode.com reserves the right to take legal actions depending on the seriousness of the damage suffered.

First time customers

Please note that eldamode.com reserves the right to ask the Bank or PayPal to verify the transaction of the first time customers, also contacting the customer's bank. This check may delay shipping.
eldamode.com also reserves the right to only ship the order to the Billing Address.

5. Packaging

All the items ordered are expertly wrapped  by eldamode.com, with the highest attention to details.

6. Order Status

To check the delivery status of your order online  just insert the “Shipment number”  on SDA or DHL website.
Please note that once the orders are confirmed and processed, it is not possible to change them anymore.
The items ordered separately will be shipped separately.
The order placed by the customer, and the shipment and delivery will take place only after receiving a confirmation of the payment.
The customer's order is in any case subject to the approval of eldamode.com. The approval is always granted except for those cases in which eldamode.com gives notice that the order is not approved. If so you will receive a notice within 2 (two) working days from the date of your order.

7. Shipping

7.1 Shipping charges

Shipping in Italy costs € 7.50 (seven/50 euros). 
Shipping in European Union costs € 15,00 (fifteen/00 euros).
Shipping in Europe EXTRA UE. U.S.A and China costs € € 60,00 (sixty/00 euros).
Other destinations will cost: € 120.00(One hundred and twenty/00 euros).

For all destinations other than Italy, the return is charged to the customer.

Where expected the duties are charged to the customer.

As required by International Laws regulating Commerce and Trade of imports and exports, all shipments from eldamode.com are accompanied by an invoice declaring the exact total value of merchandise purchased in Euro. Sale items purchased will be accompanied by an invoice declaring the discounted value of the items.

7.2 Shipping and Delivery Times

The orders will be shipped by eldamode.com, Arezzo, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 05:30 pm, and the items are delivered to the courier within 2 (two) working days after payment confirmation.
The orders placed at week-end are shipped on the following Monday mornings.
eldamode.com delivers the items all over the world through SDA and DHL.

The estimated delivery time from the date the items are collected by the courier are the following ones:

Italy: 3 days
Europe: 5 days to major cities
Other destinatinations: 10 days to remote destinations

eldamode.com is not liable for delayed deliveries caused by weather conditions and any circumstances beyond eldamode.com control.
Please note that there may be shipping delays during promotions and sales periods. eldamode.com always reserves the right to postpone shipment if the order cannot be shipped for reasons beyond its control.
Please note that eldamode.com reserves the right to ask the Bank or PayPal to verify the transaction of the first time customers, also contacting the customer's bank.
This check may delay shipping.

7.3 Shipping Tracking

When an order is shipped, customers receive an email from eldamode.com. containing the tracking number and a direct link to delivery status tracking.

7.4 Shipping Insurance

eldamode.com shipments are insured against theft and accidental damage at no additional cost to the customer. The goods are no longer insured once a shipment reaches its destination.

7.5 Unsuccessful Delivery

If a package cannot be successfully delivered to the shipping address, the customer shall give immediate written communication to eldamode.com  through e-mail: customercare@eldamode.com The object of the e-mail shall contain the order number followed by “UNSUCCESSFUL DELIVERY”. eldamode.com will investigate further with the courier, and is fully committed to provide an answer within 10 (ten) working days.
If the item/s cannot be delivered due to lack of cooperation on the customer's and/or end receiver's part (no one at the address, wrong or incomplete address, wrong or incomplete telephone number, wrong or incomplete e-mail address provided or any other cause which does not depend on eldamode.com) both the return and shipment costs will be charged. These fees will be deducted from the final refund.
In case the items cannot be shipped for reasons beyond its control, eldamode.com is committed to reimburse the order amount already paid by the customer, including the shipping costs, excluding any liability of eldamode.com.

8. Order Delivery

On receipt of every delivery, customers are requested to inspect the box carefully before signing for the delivery.
The packages shipped by eldamode.com  are accurately packaged.
If the package shows any signs of tampering, either sign for it with reservations or reject it.If an unauthorised signature has signed for a package or there is evidence that the package has been tampered with, launch a claim by contacting the courier immediately and to contact eldamode.com writing an e-mail to customercare@eldamode.com.

9. Returns

If a customer is not happy with an order for any reason, the items, which must not have been worn nor used, can be returned for a change of size, a voucher or a refund, within 10 days from the date of delivery of the items to the customer.
The customer will receive a refund equal to the price of the returned products, excluding the shipping costs (if paid when purchasing the item).

Return in Italy in free.
Return in European Union costs € 15,00 (fifteen/00 euros).
Return in Europe EXTRA UE, U.S.A and China costs € 60,00 (sixty/00 euros).
Other destinations return will cost: € 120.00 (One hundred and twenty/00 euros).

Terms and Conditions for Returns.

The item will be  shipped with THREE security tags,  one attached by the manufacturing company,two attached by eldamode.com; security tags must be intact and attached to returned items.
 In the event that even just one of the two security tags is broken or has been cut, the item will be considered as accepted by the customer, and it will not be possible in any way to return or change it.

The following conditions help protect all the customers of eldamode.com.
Item/s must not have been worn, washed or altered in any way and must not show any signs of use.
The shoes soles must be in perfect conditions and must not show any signs of use.
Items must be returned with all  the original tags, packaging and other accessories (hangers, garment covers  etc.) received with the order.
Returns must be packaged in the original box, which is considered an integral part of the product and which must not be damaged and/or altered, nor used as external wrapping.  When the item is returned, the original box, must be protected and wrapped , so as it can be returned to eldamode.com completely intact and with no other signs.

Returns must be packaged in the eldamode.com.
In the event of faulty items or of errors in the shipment of the items due to eldamode.com, customers must follow the instructions above. eldamode.com  reserves the right to request photographic evidence of faulty or incorrect items before authorizing a return with full reimbursement of shipping and import costs.

Costumes and lingerie (bikini, underwear, boxers etc.) must be worn over your own underwear.  The costumes and lingerie items cannot be returned if the transparent sticker for hygienic protection has been removed, or if the items show signs of use. In these cases the items will be sent back to the customer.
eldamode.com  reserves the right to refuse returns that are unauthorized and/or not sent with the courier named in the email detailing the return instructions and will not accept returned items that do not comply with the terms and conditions of the returns policy.
Such items shall be returned to the sender at the original shipping address and at the customer's expense.

Return Instructions

To request a return authorization, please e-mail  customercare@eldamode.com. The e-mail should include the code/s of the item/s to be returned and should state whether the return is for a change of size/colour, a coupon or refund.
Upon receipt of the return request, eldamode.com  will provide the customer with a written confirmation containing the Return Authorization Number.
The return should be handled by the courier indicated in the confirmation and authorization e-mail sent by eldamode.com
The Courier will bring a consignment note at the time of withdrawal of the package.
The Return Authorization Number must be written on the consignment note, which must be completed as indicated in the authorization e- mail received by the Return department.
The customer can choose from 3 types of compensation:

Return is for a change of size/colour.
It is possible to change just for a different size or a different colour of the same item, if available. You can not change the head with a different item. 
There is only one free-return for each item. 


It can be used only once within 6 months from the date of the return and can be cumulated with other vouchers.
It must be used entirely in one order of equal or greater value.


Refunds will be processed as soon as the returned item is received, verified and accepted.
For all the packages which are not withdrawn by the customer (for whatever reason) the shipping and import costs as well as the taxes relative to the product return will be deducted form the refund.
For orders paid with a credit card the amount refunded will be available to customers in approximately after 10 days, and it will be visible on the next card statement.
Timing may vary slightly depending on the banking system of the credit card used.
For orders paid by PayPal or bank transfer, the amount will be returned to the Original Account.
Refunds will be issued in the same currency as the original purchase.
Any differences in the amount due to the fluctuation of the exchange rate cannot be refunded.
The return shipment must be made within 10 days of receipt of the order.

10. Voucher

Vouchers can be issued instead of refunds, in case of return of the items, and in any other case in which the required item is not available.
Vouchers can be used just once within 6 months from the date of issuance, for orders with a value equal or greater than that of the voucher.

11. Site Policy

On-Line images
The images shown on the  eldamode.com site are the property of ELDA MODE SRL.
ELDA MODE SRL  must approve any use of those images in writing and unauthorised use shall be prosecuted by law.

Availability of Items
The product range on the site indicates exact availability of each item (size and colour). The site is directly connected to the store and the storehouse.

After receiving the order eldamode.com reserves the right to check the transaction carried out and the availability of the items purchased. The Customer shall be promptly notified if ordered items are not available.

The available items are shipped the day after except in cases of force majeure beyond the control of A eldamode.com  . The orders placed at week-end are shipped on the following Monday mornings.
Please note that there may be shipping delays during sales periods. 

The product range on the  eldamode.com  site indicates the exact availability of each item (size and colour). The website is in fact directly connected to all the stores and the storehouses of ELDA MODE SRL

As an authorized reseller of all the brands of the website, eldamode.com guarantees that all the items are authentic.
For each item, the site shows the images and the descriptions of the details as well as the table to choose the right size.

Upon receipt of the return request, the Orders department of eldamode.com reserves the right confirm again the availability of the items purchased, validate the credit card transaction, and verify details of previous transactions made by the Customer on eldamode.com. The eldamode.com Orders Office shall promptly notify the Customer if ordered items are not available or if for any reason the order cannot be filled as the Customer requests.

12. Legal Terms

This disclosure contains the legal terms and conditions governing the online shopping and the use of the  eldamode.com site and have legal force.
By using the eldamode.com site users accept and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein.
When the customer sends its order, he/she agrees and accept all the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

eldamode.com reserves the right to request users that do not accept or do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions to refrain from using the  eldamode.com website.

Access to the site and to its services is for personal use only.
Customers who access and view the eldamode.com site are given information about the products on sale and about the possibility of purchasing them.

13. Property rights, Copyright & Trademark

eldamode.com and its content is the property of ELDA MODE SRL .
This includes documents, photographs, graphics, design, music, software and codes.
The website content is protected by copyright.
Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties for profit is strictly prohibited without the prior express consent in writing of ELDA MODE SRL .
ELDA MODE SRL  prohibits to use the contents or the trademarks of the site for any other purpose different from those indicated above.

14. Sales Policy

Filling the orders
ELDA MODE SRL  reserves the right to reject an order in the event the bank is not able to obtain an inspection on the part of the customer’s bank.
ELDA MODE SRL  reserves the right to decline to process an order and/or offer service to anyone at any time.

15. End Customer

ELDA MODE SRL  has created and published the eldamode.com site in order to offer a service reserved for its Customers only.
The products sold on the eldamode.com site are intended for use by the End Customer.
By End Customer, ELDA MODE SRL  means an individual who acts for purposes outside his/her business, professional or legal activity, which is not limited to resale of items purchased on eldamode.com

Therefore ELDA MODE SRL  invites users who cannot be defined as End Costumers to refrain from both attempting to set up business relations with ELDA MODE SRL , and from sending purchase orders for products on sale through third parties.

Taking into consideration the sales policy described above, ELDA MODE SRL  reserves the right not to fill orders for products whose use is not intended for the End Costumer or orders that do not comply with the sales policies described above.

16. Customer requirements

To be able to make purchases on eldamode.com Customers are required to:

- Be the end customer as defined in the "Sales Policy" of  eldamode.com;
- Be at least 18 years old;
- Have the necessary requirements to be able to enter into legally binding contracts;
- Have a valid e-mail address;
- Hold a valid credit card for payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a Verified PayPal account or a Bank Account.

17. Disclaimer

ELDA MODE SRL  publishes information on its site to provide a service to its customers; however, it accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to any technical or factual errors and/or typographical mistakes, which will be immediately corrected if reported.
ELDA MODE SRL  also reserves the right to make any corrections and changes to the site at any time without prior notice.
ELDA MODE SRL  provides no guarantee of conformity of the information published on its site with the legal provisions governed by the laws of the Customer’s country of residence.
ELDA MODE SRL  will not be held liable for any problems, damages or risks to the user arising from use of the site.
ELDA MODE SRL  guarantees that www.eldamode.com  is a protected site according to international Internet standards. If used correctly, Users can be reassured not to encounter viruses.
ELDA MODE SRL  will not be held liable for any malfunctions that may occur if cookies are disabled on the user’s web browser.
ELDA MODE SRL  reserves the right to amend and/or review the terms and conditions contained in this legal notice, updating it at any time, without prior notice.
Users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this legal notice, and should check them regularly for any updates, changes and corrections.

18. Italian Law

Under Italian law, and in particular the Court of Rome the eldamode.com website declares that: 

"Users that access this site declare that they understand and agree that anything concerning use of the eldamode.com website is governed by the laws in force in the Italian Republic. They also declare that they shall submit only to the competence of the Court of Rome for resolution of any of the issues mentioned above. ELDA MODE SRL  does not warranty in any way that the site content is compliant with the laws in force in other countries. Access to the eldamode.com website from places where its content is considered illegal is expressly prohibited. Users who decide to access the site from those countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and of the penalties they risk and will be fully and solely liable for compliance with local laws."

19. Privacy Policy

ELDA MODE SRL  - with registered office in Via Alcide De Gasperi, 95 - 52100 AREZZO deviser and promoter of the activities available on the eldamode.com, website reserves the right to use the personal details voluntarily provided by the Users, in compliance with the laws in force  (Article 13 et seq. of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).

We therefore invite Users to regularly access this section to acquaint themselves with any changes concerning amendments to the laws in force.

ELDA MODE SRL  warranties to users that their personal data will only be used for purposes strictly connected and related to providing its services, to facilitating site management and to filling orders.

Data voluntarily provided by Users will in no case be communicated or disseminated to third parties.

If payment is by credit card, the details to process the transaction (credit card number, expiry date, security code) will be sent to the data processor (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro and American Express), or if necessary to companies responsible for controlling fraud, using encrypted protocol to make it completely inaccessible to third parties. In any case, this information will never be seen or stored by the Seller ELDA MODE SRL .

ELDA MODE SRL  adopts security measures in order to minimise the risk of destruction or loss of data, unauthorised access, or processing which is not permitted or does not conform to the purposes for which the data was acquired as indicated in our Privacy Policy.

Still ELDA MODE SRL  cannot warranty to its users that the measures in place for security of the site and of transmission of data and information to the site restrict or completely eliminate the risk of unauthorised access or disclosure of data by devices belonging to the user.. For this reason, we suggest that site users ensure that their computer is equipped with suitable software to protect online data transmission (e.g. updated antivirus programme) and that their Internet Provider has adopted appropriate measures for the security of online data transmission.

ELDA MODE SRL  notifies Users that they may exercise their rights pursuant to Article 7 of the Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003, the basic details of this are outlined below. Users have the right to request the following information from  ELDA MODE SRL :
- Confirmation of the existence or not of personal data;
- Clear communication of the data and of its provenance;
-The reason and purpose for its existence and its use.
The request for the above information may be made no more frequently than every 90 days, except for cases of just cause: cancellation or change of the data due to breach of the law; cancellation of data that cannot be used for the reasons for which it was collected.